Do you see “the page can\’t load the map correctly”?

You can get API key for WP Google Map with following easy steps


01. Click on WP Google Map in the left sidebar.



02. Click on Settings like as below screenshot.



03. Click on GET FREE API KEY button like bellow



04. Click on Continue Button like bellow



05. Click on Create button like bellow.



06. Click on the Copy icon like bellow



07. Paste the API key here and hit on Save button like bellow.



08. Click on the Settings icon and then click on Billing like bellow. NB: After July 16, 2018, Google has changed its policy. You need to add billing information to use Google Map. Click here for Google reference



09. Click on Link a billing account button



10. Click on CREATE BILLING ACCOUNT like bellow



11. Click on AGREE AND CONTINUE button like bellow.



12. After providing your billing information and payment method, please click on START MY FREE TRIAL.


That’s it. Done!

Now, you can create a Map and embed it on your website. Enjoy!

Video about how to embed Map on your website.



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